We wanted to get in your pants.

We created Tailor and Circus to end the cycle of compromise.
We wanted to look like a million bucks in our underwear.
We wanted to feel like a cashmere kitten.
We wanted to be held but not to be held back.
We wanted everything underwear was meant to be.
And we wanted it for you.

Pure Softness.

Softness is the overriding principle when it comes to our underwear and lenzing Micromodal® is engineered to envelope your body in a touch of lightness. Tissue Softness Analysis have found Modal to be atleast thrice as soft as cotton.

Enhanced Breathability.

Light, resilient fibres allow for maximum circulation while the sleek cross section activates fabric respiration, absorbing moisture more effeciently than cotton without compromsing softness or coolness.

Sustainable Botanic Fiber.

Combining natural comfort with environmental responsibility; Lenzing Modal™ is cultivated in a fully sustainable closed system on site in Austrain forests, making it an exceptionally ecological raw natural fiber.

Long lasting color retention.

Color pigments are deeply embedded into the fibers which retain outstanding color vibrancy much better than conventional fabrics and are less prone to fade even after repeated washes.