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3X Softer than


Anti microbial

Botanic Fibre


For your most important article of clothing; risks are not an option. Contact us about any size or style issue with your first pair and if we can’t replace it - we’ll refund your money.

Our underwear blends softness and style to create a seamless innerwear experience tailored to your body. Moving or chilling, be free to be you.

Find your own groove from our collection that has been designed to be a piece of art you can wear or create your custom pack in a combination of your favourite colours and patterns.

Softness is the overriding principle. We use the highest-grade sustainable Beechwood Modal from Lenzing that is 3x softer than cotton to ensure you're always wrapped in a touch of lightness.

From our factory - direct online store to our fully inclusive size range to our comprehensive matching prints to our singular focus on comfort; our commitment to providing an unparalleled innerwear experience for men and women is unwavering.